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Meet Our Bridal Party!


bridesmaidAshley Dean

Maid of Honor

Cait’s very close friend after years of working at Leif Ericson/Tepeetonka Day Camp together! They share many memories of late nights at the campfire, golf cart rides, and rainy nights at the YMCA. Ashley also attended Augustana College, where they had a couple courses together and met up for dinner every night after working at the Y’s After School Program. Cait and Ashley now meet up for a weekly drink and try to squeeze in an occasional walk. Ashley now lives in Brandon, South Dakota and when she is not working she loves to rock climb, camp, canoe, and enjoy the outdoors!


groomsmanErik Haug


Erik lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with his wife Jamie and sons Ethan and Evan. He is Nick’s middle brother. Erik spends most of his time hunting, fishing, and watching his boys play soccer. When he is not out on the lake he can be found tinkering on his four wheelers and boats while enjoying a beer with the neighbors.




bridesmaidMarisa Kaffar


Marisa attended Augustana College with Cait and lived in the same dorm every year they were on campus. They had several courses together and spent many early mornings carpooling to Harrisburg for practicum classes. Marisa just moved to Cedar Falls, Iowa this summer to be closer to her fiance(!), Jacob. Marisa also teaches kindergarten. During her summer months, Marisa enjoys a sunny day at the pool, going for walks, and camping with Jacob. Marisa hopes to start her Master’s Degree this coming summer—if she can give up the pool!

groomsmanJeremy Haug


Jeremy lives in Brandon, South Dakota with his wife Nicole and daughters Chloe and Lauren. He is Nick’s oldest of two brothers. Jeremy owns and runs his own landscaping company, River’s Edge Decorative Concrete LLC., during the winter months he moves snow and when he can find the time guides snow goose hunts. Lately, Jeremy has gotten Nick into bow hunting. The brothers also shoot pool together weekly on Tuesday nights and go hunting and fishing as much as possible.



bridesmaidTiffany Mueller


Tiffany quickly became Cait’s friend during her year teaching down in Yankton. They taught kindergarten together at Beadle Elementary and made coffee runs in the morning and enjoyed each other’s company for lunch every day. Their time teaching together was cut short when Cait and Nick moved back up to Sioux Falls, but Tiffany and Cait still enjoy a daily phone call and get together whenever possible. Tiffany is also in the process of completing her Master’s Degree from the University of Sioux Falls and will graduate with Cait in May 2014. Tiffany lives in Yankton with her husband Josh. When they can they enjoy boating, a good game of football, and an ice cold Summer Shandy!


groomsmanZach Iddings


Zach is Cait’s older and only brother. He lives in Chinook, Montana with his wife Amy and daughter Clara. They live on a ranch where Zach manages a quarter horse ranch program that raises and trains ranch horses. In the fall he spends time Deer, Elk and Antelope hunting before he settles in for a winter of Saddle Building. Most other times of the year are now busy spending time with Clara!




flowergirlClara Iddings

Flower girl

Clara, Zach and Amy’s daughter, is Cait’s niece. She enjoys long chats on the phone with her Aunt Cait and the occasional face time (video chat). When she is not napping she is jamming out to her Papa singing the National Anthem, reading a good book, or riding her rocking horse Pickles…. She is a pretty easy going little girl and really just wants to play on the floor with her Papa (Zach), and wave to anyone she sees. She'll be three months short of 2 years for the wedding, hopefully we can have her all trained up for her duties by then!



ringbearerEvan Haug

Ring Bearer

Evan is the son of Erik and Jamie, Nick’s youngest nephew. He enjoys playing soccer, football, and any other run around outdoor sport. Evan is a first grader in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When he is not playing sports or at school, Evan loves practicing his belly flops at the pool. He is also a huge fan of the Nebraska Huskers!