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Cait & Nick... the story of

filmstripNick and I started dating during the January of my junior year of high school, his senior. We met while working at a local grocery store together, where we quickly found out that work was more enjoyable if you were working with someone you could have fun with! Nick quickly introduced me to his many hobbies and passions—hunting and fishing. For one of our first dates he brought me ice fishing, and now it is one of our favorite winter past-times.

As time went on, we attended each other’s proms and graduations. We supported each other as we went through college. From the start we loved participating in outdoor activities together, and we thought we would give camping a shot. Our first camping trip was a nightmare. It rained and it rained and it rained. The tent leaked. The firewood was wet. And the sun did not come out until it was time to get picked up. I swore that I would never go camping with Nick again—but thank goodness I gave camping together a second chance. After purchasing a new tent and putting a little bit more preparation into our trips it has become one of our favorite things to do during the summer!

With our love of camping and not many places to choose from in the Sioux Falls area came many traveling adventures. We have set up tent in several states, with Minnesota being our favorite destination. One of our favorite spots is up on Gunflint Lake, where the view across the water is Canada. Who knows where we will end up next?

We have also spent weekends hunting together. Nick has been hunting since he was young and has shared his love of waterfowl and pheasant hunting with me. I am not the best shot, but I am still learning and loving any opportunity that we have to go together. During football season we closely follow the Nebraska Huskers and try to attend a game every season! And once the family gardens are ready to be picked, we love to make salsa together! This year our jar count surpassed 70!

We did spread our wings a little for a year as my first job I found after college was teaching kindergarten down in Yankton, SD. Being that close to the water allowed us to go fishing multiple times during the week! It made it clear that lake life is calling our name when we find the chance!

The year went quick and I then started teaching back up in Sioux Falls. Nick has held and enjoyed his job with Carlson and Stewart Refrigeration since he was in college. We continue to hunt, fish, and travel whenever we get the chance.

Wow does time go quickly from high school, college, and working our first real jobs…it is funny how fast seven years goes. On September 1st, Nick decided to move our relationship on! We were riding our bikes up at Newton Hills State Park (South Dakota) and stopped to take our yearly picture by the sumac and there he was on one knee asking me to be his wife! Of course I said yes! And where better to get married than our favorite destination… Minnesota!